After opening a package of oxygen absorbers, the unused absorbers must be placed back into an oxygen free environment as soon as possible to preserve their freshness for future use.

One way to store oxygen absorbers is to use a vacuum sealed Mason jar.  A Foodsaver with a jar attachment will vacuum seal the absorbers into a glass Mason jar.  This creates an oxygen free environment to preserve your absorbers for future use.

Another way to store absorbers is to use a mylar bag.  Sealing your absorbers in a mylar bag will allow them to be stored in a closed, oxygen free environment.

A third way to maintain the freshness of your oxygen absorbers is to re-heat seal them into their original packaging.  This method is less ideal as a heat seal can burn a small hole in the bag which will allow oxygen to enter the bag and ruin your absorbers. 

Remember: Unused absorbers must be stored in an oxygen free environment to preserve their freshness.  They cannot be stored in a regular ziplock bag or a Foodsaver type plastic vacuum sealed bag as these methods allow air/oxygen to enter the bag and will ruin your absorbers.