Uses for Mylar Bags

We've been accumulating a list of the possible uses for Mylar Bags.  

Repacking shelf-stable foods for long term storage #1

Store Personal Documents (marriage license, birth certificate, etc)

Re-usable ziplock bag (alot stronger, more rigid and easier to clean than standard bags- good for the environment | probably can be used / washed / reused hundreds of times...). 

Freezer-bag (it can take a beating and won't get those holes & leaks like standard ziplock bags, also is alot more rigid for protecting the good stuff inside and if heat sealed or zip locked it should help significantly with freezer burn vs. standard ziplock plastic bags). 

Store historical papers / archiving of fragile documents

Comic book / Newspaper / Magazine storage

Store User Manuals

Store Old Photos / prevent deterioration of old photos

Store Ammunition

Store Gunpowder

Store firearms / handguns

Store sensitive parts/ electronics

Store pet food / keeps pet food fresh longer (You don't like stale food, neither does your furry friend.)

Odor barrier

Store home-made Jerky

Store coins / paper money especially in a safe (moisture/mildew protection)

Store camping / backpacking supplies (waterproof)

Store or Ship Scientific specimens / Soil samples / artifacts

Organize Craft supplies

Store Stamp collection   (philately)

Store Fly-tying feathers

Bait bag or Bait bag liner - Store Artificial fishing baits (the smelly oily type)

Fish bag for use inside fish creel or use inside cooler for less mess cleanup

Hunting bag for storing deer hunting scents/attractants / or as game bag in the field

Store Dehydrated foods

Use for DIY Backpacking/camping meals

Dried flowers

Ice Pack

Use for shipping documents / small items

Seed storage

Store home dried herbs  (Oregano, parsley...)

Long Term storage of medications

Packaging of tea / coffee

Rust prevention for ferrous materials

Container gardening – reflective barrier keeps soil temperatures cooler  (May be a stretch... don't forget to poke holes in the bottom for water drainage.)

More child resistant than standard plastic bags

More rigid than standard plastic bags

Home Brewing- Hops storage

Meal in a mylar bag (formerly meal in a jar)

Sourdough starter storage

Travel kit

Hydroponic gardening (small scale)

Cross contamination prevention  (for your smelly socks while traveling...)

Store Concrete Sacks  (so they don't turn into a brick in high humidity areas)

Used standup pouches with zipseal are great for collecting cooking grease/fats.  They can be heat sealed prior to final disposal.  Makes for a great way to contain grease with alot less mess (S. Tipton 7/17/2019).